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Say goodbye to the heat and take a dip in your pool surrounded by your friends and family! Enjoy the most refreshing summer in the best company. Here you will discover, among all the pool types, which is the one that best suits your needs and what is the best way to clean it so that it is always faultless.

What type of pool is the best for you?

Above ground pools are a good alternative to underground pools, mainly for two reasons: Because of the cheapest price and because they are easy to install.

inflatable pool intex

You have to know what use we want to give to the pool and, at we will help you find the one that meets your needs.

We can classify above ground pools by the type of material with which they are built. Thus, we will find kiddie pools, inflatable, metal framed pools or wooden pools, among others.

We must also take into account the shape and dimension we want our pool to have. Most of the pool models have fixed measurements. We will have to differentiate between the outer measure and the inner measure, in addition to the depth (the deeper, the more weight).

As for the shape, you can find round, oval, rectangular, square pools or of any geometric shape.

Finally, we can classify the different pools by their manufacturers, among which Intex, Bestway, Jilong, Gre … which can be found in Amazon, Walmart, Leslie’s pool… among others.

We can also offer you the best inflatable hot tub to have the feeling of being in a jacuzzi without leaving the comfort of your home. Find the best inflatable or rigid spa for your garden. Check here the best deals on spas.

Have fun!

Add more fun with some toys for your pool. Mats, floats, inflatable beds, armchairs, the best water games, boats … Find everything you need to have much more fun! The best toys for your pool.

Keep your pool clean

intex pool maintenace kit

To have the water always transparent we have to disinfect it and, in this way, eliminate all bacteria or fungi that may appear. For this we can use products such as chlorine (liquid chlorine, in tablets or powder), salt or active oxygen (in tablets or liquid).

In addition to using any of these products, it is also important to measure the pH levels of the water at least once a week to make sure that the water cannot harm our skin or eyes.

swimming pool ph tester

And finally, to collect the leaves and other debris that remain on the surface or fall to the bottom of the pool, we will need a net or a robot cleaner.


We must be very careful with the weight that our balcony or terrace can support when placing a suitable above ground pool. A full pool can store about 5000 liters (1320,86 gal) of water. This is an amount that some balconies or terraces will not be able to support, so be careful if you are thinking of buying a pool for your terrace and always choose the most suitable one!

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